A Note Yet Unsung

Tamera Alexander

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Publication Date: 2017

Number of Pages: 422

Series: A Belmont Mansion Novel-Book 3



Summary on back cover:

A master violinist trained in Vienna, Rebekah Carrington manages to wheedle her way into an audition with the maestro at the newly-formed Nashville Philharmonic. But women are "far too fragile and frail" for the rigors of an orchestra, and Rebekah's hopes are swiftly dashed because the conductor--determined to leave his mark on the world of classical music--bows to public opinion. To make matters worse, Adelicia Acklen Cheatham, mistress of Belmont Mansion and Rebekah's new employer, agrees with him.


Nationally acclaimed conductor Nathaniel Tate Whitcomb is Nashville's new orchestra leader. And despite a reluctant muse--and a strange buzzing and recurring pain in his head--he must finish composing his symphony before the grand opening of the city's new opera hall. But far more pressing, he must finish it for the one who first inspired his love of music--his father, who is dying. As Tate's ailment worsens, he believes Rebekah can help him finish his symphony. But how do you win back a woman's trust when you've robbed her of her dream?


As music moves us to tears yet makes our hearts soar, A Note Yet Unsung captures the splendor of classical music at a time when women's hard-won strides in cultural issues changed not only world history--but the hearts of men.




I honestly don’t know how Tamera Alexander does it. When I think about her books and the storylines they aren’t that much different than any other historical books out there, but there is something about her books that exceeds all other books out there. Tamera Alexander is such a gifted writer.


As you can probably tell I loved A Note yet Unsung. It’s all about music and the orchestra and how people connect with music. If you are a music lover then you will love this book and if you’re not, have no fear, there is so much more to this story than music. It’s more about the people and stories behind the music.


The only reason I didn’t give this book a four-star rating is for a couple of reason. First, it seemed a bit unnecessarily dramatic to me. Don’t get me wrong, there were times that it totally called for some “heavy” material, but there were other times, when she was playing an instrument, she would start crying for no reason. This might be just me and the fact that I’m not a musician.  Second, the ending seemed very rushed. I was very confused and disappointed. If only she added another chapter, it would have made so much more sense.


Overall, this was a great book. The characters and their struggles are so real, and I appreciate the truth and beauty from this story.


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