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Sitting down in our local smoothie shop to enjoy cold refreshments on a hot summer's day Kathleen, Leah and I started talking about books. This is no surprise since any time we are able to get together we usually start talking about the books that we have read since we last saw each other. Some were good, and some were just downright awful. We all agreed that we hated books that made you feel like you wasted your time reading it. As we took a few more sips from our smoothies, we decided that it would be great if somehow someone would read the book beforehand and tell us how it was before we wasted any time on it. So we decided to create our own book reviews website- a place where someone can go and decide what they want to read next without having to worry if they’re going to enjoy it or not. And that is how Inkwell Reviews began.

Inkwell Reviews is made up of a group of three friends who love to read. We all have different tastes and styles so there is something for everyone. We are all strong Christians so all of our reviews will be from a Christian worldview. We understand that we all have different tastes so instead of focusing on what we personally think about a book, we focus on whether the quality of writing is good, if the characters were properly developed and so much more. All of our reviews are 100% truthful. If we didn’t like a book, then we’ll tell you the reasons why. If you happen to like a book that we didn’t, keep on liking it! We didn’t make Inkwell Reviews so we could tell others what they can and can’t read, rather, a place where you can find support.
Our hope and prayer is that all our reviews bring honor and glory to God.

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You might be wondering how we rate our books, here's how:

one-star-rating1--It's so bad you never even want to lay eyes on it again. You just want to burn it.

2 stars--You simply wished you never read it.

th2KAPPUSR--You are glad you read it but you will not be re-reading it or buying it anytime soon

4 stars--You would recommend this book and buy it/re-read it

thY694EV48--This book is insanely good. You would read it over and over again.