One Race One Blood

Ken Ham & A. Charles Ware

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Publication Date: 2010

Number of Pages: 196



Summary on back cover:

It is a rarely discussed fact of history that the premise of Darwinian evolution has been deeply rooted in the worst racist ideology since its inception. This significant book gives a thorough account of the effects of evolution on the history of the United States, including slavery and the Civil rights movement, and goes beyond to show the global harvest of death and tragedy that still finds its roots in Darwin's destructive writings.

The tragic legacy of Darwin’s controversial speculations on evolution has led to terrible consequences taken to the deadliest extremes. One Race One Blood reveals the origins of these horrors, as well as the proof revealed in Scripture that God created only one race.


You will discover:


Nazi Germany used evolutionary concepts to justify the extermination of "unfit" people groups such as Jews, Gypsies, and Slave


The origins of people groups, the genetics of skin color, and what the Bible says about "interracial" marriage.


Eye-opening discussion on racism and its roots in the hearts and minds of millions still today.


Within these compelling pages, Dr. A. Charles Ware, president of Crossroads Bible College, and Ken Ham, president of Answers in Genesis examine the historical roots of racism that have permeated evolutionary thought, and the Bible's response to this disturbing issue. This is a crucial and timely study that profoundly addresses the Christian worldview regarding "race" from a compassionate and uniquely compelling perspective.




As you know I don’t usually review non-fiction books, but I couldn’t help it here.  One Race One Blood is chock-full of important information, yet simply put and easy to understand.


As I read this book, I could tell that Ken Ham and A. Charles Ware did their researching and knew what they were talking about. If you read this book, then you can bet that it is all biblical truth.  I would encourage all Christians to read this book.  Racism is very prominent in our society and we must know what the Bible says about it. Also, this isn’t just about racism between “blacks” and “whites”, rather all discrimination, where it comes from and what we should do about it.


Even though this book is short, at some points I did feel as if they could have either had more information or made the book shorter. This is the only problem I had with this book and honestly, it’s not that bad. This book has helped me see more through a biblical lends and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.




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