Pointe and Shoot

Allison Stone


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Publication Date: 2016

Number of Pages: 292



Summary on back cover:

Jayne Murphy has always put family first. That’s why she abandoned her dream of joining the police force to run her ailing mother’s dance studio.

When one of the studio’s most talented instructors dies in a car crash, Jayne isn’t convinced it was just an accident. Relentlessly pursuing her hunch, she teams up with Officer Danny Nolan, the best friend and partner of her brother Patrick, who died in the line of duty. Haunted by Patrick’s death, Danny has begun to question whether he should still be a cop at all.

As Jayne digs deeper, suspects emerge, including the victim’s clingy ex-boyfriend and a jealous foe from the cutthroat dance world. Her evolving insights into the case rekindle Jayne’s passion for police work. Danny, too, feels a renewed sense of purpose…and a definite attraction to his unofficial partner, which seems to be mutual. Now, if Jayne can only keep herself out of harm’s way, she and Danny both might get a second chance—with their careers and each other.




Other than the fact that I loved the cover and the clever title, I had no idea who Allison Stone was or what the book was about before I read Pointe and Shoot. I wasn’t really impressed or disappointed with this book. I think it was a good one-time-read.


The story follows Jayne Murphy as she tries to find out what happened after her friend unexpectedly had an accident that cost her her life. This isn’t the only storyline though. It’s also about her mother’s dementia, running the dance studio, falling in love with Dany Nolan (the officer that has agreed to help her), and pretty much taking care of everyone around her. I’m not saying that too much is going on, it’s just not what I expected when I picked up this book.


As you can probably guess, I had a problem with the pace and storyline of Pointe and Shoot. When you read the back cover you instantly think that it is a suspense book, but I would beg to differ. Three-fourths of this book was about her arranging the funeral… memorial… and Jayne comforting all the family and friends she has. It had very little suspense or police work in it. It was very dramatic and sad, which I don’t have a problem with, I just wish that it had been more clear on the back cover.


I’ll let you decide if you should read this or not. In my opinion you wouldn’t be wrong either way.


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