Dani Pettrey



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Publication Date: 2014

Number of Pages: 329

Series: Alaskan Courage-Book 4


Summary on back cover:

A relaxing day of rock climbing takes a disturbing turn when Kayden McKenna's route leads her face to face with a dead climber. Is it a terrible accident or something darker? When the case is handed to overburdened sheriff Landon Grainger, he turns to Jake Westin for help. With Jake's past now revealed, he's ready to use his talent for investigation again--but he could never prepare for where the mystery will take him.

Kayden climbing expertise soon leads her and Jake to the realization that the death was no accident. And worse, it seems the killer is onto them. When strange things begin happening in Yancey, Jake is terrified that once again his world may put someone he loves in danger. But the truth is far worse than he could ever imagine.



The McKenna family is at it again, having adventures and stopping bad guys. Silenced is about Jake and Kayden.  The previous book in the Alaskan Courage Series, Stranded, introduced their story. If you want to read this series, then you need to read in chronological order, it won’t make sense if you don’t.


There are so many things I like about this book, where do I start? Every relationship that Dani Pettrey writes about is so romantic yet realistic. I love how all of them don’t have a “love at first sight” kind of thing. I think that is so cheesy and not very common in the real world. All of her couples were friends or acquaintances before they fell in love.


Kayden did get on my nerves though with her “I’m tough, I can do it all by myself” but that’s just me and it wasn’t bad. I’m just trying to say something critical about it. 🙂


If you love Dani Pettrey, then you’ll love this book. It follows her style without being the same as all her other books. It has adventure and suspense without being a “cop” book. You don’t see this very often and I would encourage you to give this series a try.




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